Common Problems with ABS on European Cars

How to Determine If Your Merc or BMW Requires Brake Repair Services

The ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) is a very common feature found in almost every car on the road. It provides superior braking power over the typical braking system and thus helps avoid accidents. In essence, the ABS adjusts the pressure your pads put on the disk according to the surface the wheels are running on. Using a series of sensors, the systems detect when a wheel starts slipping and so releases the pressure on the brakes so that the wheels can regain grip on the surface. This will offer the driver a better chance to avoid a collision, especially if the road is slippery. But just like any other system in a vehicle, the ABS can malfunction. Here are some signs that you may want to call for brake repair services.

The ABS-light is β€œon”
There are many problems that can make your ABS light on your dashboard to come on. Some of these problems may be related to the ABS system, some may not. For instance, the light may come on when there is a problem with your ECU (Electronic Control Unit), a blown fuse, or a severe mechanical issue – none of which have anything to do with the brake system. However, the light may also come on when the sensor is malfunctioning, the brake pads are depleted, or the wiring of the system is defect. Whatever the reason may be, when the ABS light comes on, you should call for professional brake repair services.

For some reason, a big part of the wiring that controls the ABS is exposed. This means that it can develop damage and cause problems. What’s even worse is that you won’t know anything about it until you actually encounter a situation when the ABS should go on but doesn’t. So, in order to prevent such cases, have your ABS checked regularly.

ABS controller
The ABS is controlled by a unit which monitors all sorts of things, including the speed of your vehicle, traction, position of the wheel, etc. If this unit malfunctions, the entire anti-lock brake system becomes inoperable.

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