The Most Costly Mercedes Repairs

Read This Article before You Run to Your Local Auto Parts Supplier for a Mercedes-Benz Spare Part

The day when our cars no longer need maintenance and expensive repairs has still not yet come. Every car has problems, and Mercedes-Benz vehicles are no different (from this point of view). It may be true that some cars are more reliable, durable and live longer, but they all need maintenance and repair at one point or another. So, based on this conclusion, we can safely say that whether you have a ’87 Ford Pinto or 2012 E220, you will still have to visit your auto parts supplier pretty often. The difference is that some parts will be relatively cheap, while others may cost an arm and a leg. Here’s what to expect from a Mercedes-Benz car.

Electrical System Problems
One of the most common problem with Mercedes cars is faulty battery. For some reason, it seems that Mercedes-Benz cars have a serious problem with their batteries which usually drain out prematurely. In some cases, the alternator may be the main problem. However, it has come to our attention that many Mercedes cars have a leakage of power through improperly insulated headlights wires.

Ratlin at Engine Startup
Once the winter cold hits a Mercedes-Benz car, a rattling sound starts to develop at startup. This is usually a problem with the belt tensioner which tends to run out of lubricant during cold weather. Luckily, these tensioners are inexpensive. You can find one at pretty much any Mercedes-Benz auto parts supplier.

Engine Cooling Problems
Mercedes owners have reported a lot of problems with the water pump of their vehicles. It seems that their car’s water pumps stop working pretty often and this causes the engine to overheat. As you probably know, you should never let a car engine pass the recommended temperature level, so obviously, this is a serious issue.

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