The Different Types of Gearbox Systems

How to Choose a Gearbox That Won’t Require Much Transmission Repair in the Future

Choosing a gearbox for a vehicle used to be simple, you could either go with a manual or an automatic gearbox. However, things have changed dramatically for the last couple of decades in the automotive industry. Now, you have to choose between traditional automatic, dual-clutch automatic, semi-automatic, manual, continuous variable, etc. Obviously, choosing a gearbox for your car is more complicated now than ever. As a¬†transmission repair¬†specialist, I’ve had the chance to work on most major types of gearboxes. Here’s what I’ve concluded.

Traditional automatic

This type of gearboxes are still available in many new models. For instance, Land Rovers, Jaguars, and BMWs are some of the most common examples of cars that use eight- or nine-speed automatic gearboxes. The main advantage of traditional automatic systems is reliability. They have been around for almost 50 years, and have proven to be resistant to wear and tear. On the downside, they are quite slow. Additionally, they make the cars less fuel efficient.

Dual-clutch automatic

Just as the name entails, dual-clutch gearboxes have two clutches. However, don’t imagine that you’ll have two pedals in the car. These clutches are operated electronically and controlled by computers. One clutch controls even-numbered gears, while the other controls the odd-numbered gears. The result is a very fast gear shifting. Another great benefit is that these gearboxes make for a lower fuel consumption. However, they also come with several disadvantages. First of all, they have been around for only ten years, which means their long-term reliability is not proven yet. Another problem is that they are quite slow at start, when the clutches select the first gear.

Continuously variable transmission (CVT)

These gearboxes come with an innovative design and functionality. They do not have cogs, like most gearboxes, Instead, they use some sort of cones and a special belt. One con is connected to the wheels, the other to the engine, and the belt wraps both cones together. As the cones move toward or away from each other, the angle of the belt changes, thus altering the gearing. Although this is a revolutionary design, it still requires more work as many of these systems have experienced various problems. It’s also important to mention that the transmission repair services for these gearboxes are very expensive.

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