Two Ways Your Technician Can Ruin Your Car’s AC Compressor

Learn about Common Mistakes so That You Can Avoid a Poor Auto Air Conditioning Repair Service

The compressor is the heart of your car’s AC system. Without it, your coolant will never reach the freezing temperatures that provide that cool and comfortable breeze of air in your vehicle. Unfortunately, despite its highly important position in the efficient operation of your air conditioning system, the compressor is one of the components that breaks down the most. However, most of these cases come as result of poor maintenance or improper auto air conditioning repair. Here are several mistakes technicians make when servicing auto AC systems.

The typical AC maintenance plan includes recharging the system on a regular basis. This involves taking out all the Freon, vacuuming the system, and then recharging it with new coolant. Somewhere along the process, your technician may make a couple of mistakes which are entirely up to him. For instance, in order to vacuum all the moisture out of the system, your auto service shop must be equipped with a special tool that costs about $4000. Most shops don’t have it. Additionally, every system needs to be recharged according to manufacturer specifications. However, many technicians load more Freon than necessary, without realizing that this can put additional stress on the compressor.

Not enough lubricant
As you well know, all moving components need to be lubricated in order to reduce friction. When it comes to auto AC systems, the lubricant, which in this case is a special type of oil, is mixed with the coolant and circulates around the system. In addition to this, the compressor itself has a separate sump containing several ounces of oil. This oil should be checked on a regular basis. Most of the cases of compressor failure occur due to the lack of oil in the compressor’s sump.

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